So it Begins…

At this age and time, you’d think that being independent, living in one of the famous cities in the world, and earning wages regularly is ‘the life’. But having experienced all this, it’s not really worth it without family and friends.

The distance adds up to the stress pile and it only takes just a fraction of a second ’til everything comes tumbling down on you. Depression is a scary thing. Never take it lightly! I’m no doctor, but I’ve learned enough medical education to consider this feeling as close to a psychological ailment.

They said make yourself busy, find a hobby. So I did. I decided to take up photography with an old DSLR model. But hey, it works and it certainly helps a lot. I want to share the images of my travels, adventures, and everything beyond what my lens could capture.┬áIt’s a good feeling to express, it’s a more wonderful feeling to share. Enjoy!